5 Tips For Improving Your Newly Purchased Vacation Home

Vacation home

How exciting is it to have just purchased a new vacation home! It could be a cabin in the woods, or a small structure by the beach. It might even be a condo that’s part of a greater neighborhood. But the fact is, now it’s yours, and now it’s time for you to clean it up and make it into what you’ve always wanted.

However, before you get too carried away with decorations, it’s important to get the basics settled first, particularly with things like bathroom tiles, foundation repair, basic landscaping, themes for overall colors, and checking for leaks around windows and doors.

New TilePut In Some New Tile

Part of the luxury of a vacation home is the bathroom. And can you guess what one of the first things to get destroyed is, and something you’ll probably have to fix right away? That’s right, the bathroom tiles, whether they are on the floor or around the tub and shower. And that’s why one of the first calls you should make is to a professional tile repair company that can get the job done quickly and correctly.

Get Solid With the Foundation

Your vacation home won’t be much of a home if it falls down, sinks, or leaks into itself. That’s why it’s important to check the foundation as soon as you can. Doing things like waterproofing basements or ensuring the foundation doesn’t have any cracks is very important if you want to keep this place nice for the long term haul. If you can pay to own the place, you can pay to fix it up and maintain it!

LandscapingClean Up Easy Landscaping Trouble

The previous owners of your new home may have had certain ideas about landscaping, or perhaps they just let things grow wild. In either case, look for landscaping projects to individualize the place for you, and do them as simply as possible, while cleaning up the rough edges. You can’t have a castle that looks like it’s on a shabby plot of land, right?

Pick a Color Theme For Painting

When you think of vacation, what do you think of? Tropics, beaches, skiing, water, sand – what? When you get that visual, begin to think of color themes that go with your perfect escape, and turn your new home into the representation of that with some paint and good old elbow grease.

Check for Leaks

Be sure to seal the windows and doors to your new place too. Especially if you aren’t going to be there year round, it’s important for climate control reasons that hot and cold air don’t escape during their respective seasons, to save you money on heating and cooling.


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