5 Must Haves for Your Truck Bed Camping Trip

Camping storage compartments

Who needs a tent when you have a truck? On your next camping adventure, our friends at Diesel Tech Magazine have compiled this list of essential items for your truck bed camping trip.

  1. Storage Compartments

If you are sleeping in your truck on your camping trip, you’re going to need some weatherproof storage compartments to keep all your belongings – food, clothes, gear, etc. One thing you can do is use wooden boards to make a platform for your bed with space underneath for storage. If you don’t want to put a lot of work into it, pick up some plastic totes that you can pull out of the truck when you’re sleeping.

  1. A BedCamping sleeping pad

If you’re sleeping in your truck, it’s likely for one of two reasons: one, you don’t like sleeping on the ground; and two, you don’t like setting up a tent. If it’s the first, then you’re going to want to invest in a bed or sleeping pad of some sort. When using your truck bed for sleeping, there is a multitude of options out there, but we’ll focus on three: air mattress, cot, futon.

Find an air mattress that fits in the bed of your truck. There are even air mattresses made specifically for truck beds if that’s what you want. This is a great option if you are creating the wooden platform.

Pick up a cot. Find a cot the sits low. You may even be able to fit two, and you can use the space underneath for storage!

Get a small futon. Whether you just use the mattress from the futon, or have the full couch in your truck bed, this multifunctional option will enhance your camping experience. You can even pull it out of the truck for extra seating.

  1. Water and Icekeeping liquid cold

Sure, you can pick up ice at a store on your way out of town to toss in the cooler. But here’s an easy tip for cold water and free ice for your camping trip. Fill 1-2 liter soda bottles with water and freeze them. Use these to keep your cooler cold, and have ice cold water to drink as it melts. Make sure you have plenty of water for your trip, especially if you’re going off the grid.

  1. Cooking StoveCooking Stove

Find a small cooking stove that can be easily stored. Pull it out on the tailgate to cook your meals. This eliminates the need for you to pack wood and fire starters, which can take a lot of space if you’re taking a long trip.

  1. Pre-cooked FoodCamping Grill

To save time, cook some of your meals beforehand and freeze them. They will already be prepped and just need to be cooked over your stove or a fire for a short time to heat them up. They will also help keep the cooler cold.

Get out there and go camping while you still have some summer left!



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  1. nahim says:

    this is really important for traveller.If travelling is in your blood, you know how exciting it is to go on camping in a truck. thanks for your great articles.

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