4 Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon Travel

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During the grueling months of wedding planning, there is one big light at the end of the tunnel: you get to dash off into the sunset with your brand-new spouse on an epic honeymoon adventure! Unfortunately, if this trip is improperly planned, it can be more like a drive-off-in-the-wrong-direction-and-miss-your-flight kind of adventure. Nobody wants that.

The key to having a fantastic honeymoon is in careful advance planning. You must be prepared with accommodations, travel arrangements, recreation, and dining. Often, the first step you must take is talking about your plans with your partner at least 8 months before the wedding. Included here are a few more tips for planning your honeymoon travel.

honeymoonMake It A Priority

For many couples, the wedding takes total precedence over their honeymoon. Some couples don’t even experience a honeymoon because it is too expensive following their wedding cost. The first step in making your honeymoon awesome is turning it into a priority. While the typical wedding is only going to last six hours or so, your honeymoon could be a two-week adventure with your brand-new spouse.

It can be easy to get carried away with wedding planning, but try to keep in mind that the marriage is what you are truly planning for. Wouldn’t it be better to start your marriage off with a relaxing vacation where you can get to know each other in your new roles? Be sure your honeymoon is a priority and invest in airfare and accommodations.

Rushing Yourself

One of the easiest ways to put a damper on your honeymoon is by rushing into it immediately after the wedding ceremony. Many couples find that catching a red eye flight after a long wedding ceremony leaves them exhausted by the time they reach their honeymoon destination and they have to play catch-up. Instead of leaving immediately, the happy couple finds spending the first night at a local hotel or spa allows them to rest up and wake refreshed for the journey to their honeymoon location.

brideGet Specific

Wanting an “exotic vacation” can mean very different things for different people. If you have an image in your head of where you want to go and what you want to do, it is helpful that you be specific. This is the beginning of your marriage and good communication is key. Find the perfect resort to visit, the best adventure activities, and the ideal dining and drinks. Turn your honeymoon into the dream trip for you and your spouse.


As with every great trip, balance is key. Too many days spent out on adventures can leave you worn out and cranky. Too much time spent poolside can leave you feeling bored and like you are missing out. Consult with your significant other about the important elements of the trip and how to balance the fun with relaxation.



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