4 Tech Gadgets for Your Next Boat Voyage

Boat Voyage

The open sea: that forlorn mistress that calls to you from the coast like a tempting siren. Neptune’s playground of salt and seaweed that dares you to crest its foaming waves.

If you are avid seaman with a taste for the salty air and the sting of an ocean breeze, then you are likely gearing up for boating season at this very moment. But before you launch off into Poseidon’s wet backyard, make sure you are properly equipped for the aquatic adventure that awaits you, and since we are long past the days of handheld compasses and cartography, a modern voyage calls for modern toys.

Here are four tech gadgets to help you properly prepare so you can ensure the safety, security and overall enjoyment of the passengers and the crew.


Made by WeatherFlow, WINDmeter is like having a portable weather station in the palm of your hand. Simply connect the handheld device to your smartphone and then use the companion app to get precision weather readings. As the device collects variables like wind, pressure reading, humidity, and temperature in real time, WINDmeter records it. The readings are then displayed on your smartphone via the WINDmeter app. If you are looking for a heads up on any unpleasant weather on the horizon during your time at see, the WINDmeter app has you covered.


These devices aren’t just available to guys from small beach towns wanting to catch a huge shark (but will end up needing a bigger boat anyway). Anyone can purchase a fishfinder. Also known as recreational sonar devices, or as sounders, these babies give seaward fishermen the ability to see into the deep blue and indicate when a school of fish (or just one, blood-thirsty big one) is around. With these fishfinders, those casting their lines into the ocean can determine where to sink their their lines as well as where bait fish are roaming, and anticipate larger fare. The ability to actually catch a glimpse under the water is a game changer for many sport-fishermen.

Satellite phone

Washing up ashore, befriending a volleyball, and growing a shaggy beard is not even a option when you head out to sea with an Iridium satellite phone. With an Iridium satellite phone, there is no risk of being in an emergency situation without the ability to call for help. With voice, text, and data capabilities, you have tons of options when you are away from home earning your sea legs and this sat phone can literally reach the far ends of the earth.

Sea water converting water bottle

One can only imagine how frustrating it would be to sitting afloat at sea, with water as far as the eye can see, but not a single drop of that infinite water is drinkable. The horror! But the portable Puri water bottle changes that nightmare into a dream come true.

Taking up only the amount of space that an average water bottle does, it contains an incredible purification system inside that uses reverse osmosis to remove the saline, leaving behind only drinkable water. In a sea emergency situation, the Puri bottle can actually save your life.


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