3 Best Excuses To Go On a Trip

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You may find yourself wondering from time to time if you have a good enough reason to stop whatever you’re doing and purchase a plane ticket to a far away land.  Sometimes we can hesitate to book a trip since there can be feelings of guilt making such a big purchase all at once.

However, often there are perfectly great reasons to get the travel itch out of your system.  Here are some great excuses to take a trip.

BirthdayYour Birthday

Your birthday is your one time of year when the entire day gets to be all about you.  Why not take this opportunity to really make it all about you and organize a trip.   You can either book a trip with an entourage, making it a destination birthday and booking a party, or you can take a trip solo, enjoying this time to reflect and escape from your hectic day to day life.

You can take away some of the guilt knowing that this is your birthday present to yourself and you deserve it completely.

AnniversaryYour Anniversary

Going on a trip to celebrate your anniversary with your spouse is something that will be remembered for a lifetime.  You can enjoy a nice trip away together to honor and remember all your time together.

Taking a trip together is a great way to get the spark back in your relationship and enjoy each other outside of your day to day lives.  Sure going out to dinner or seeing a movie together is something sentimental and enjoyable, but really taking the time to enjoy each other on a trip will reconnect you in an incredibly unique way.

Ask yourself when the last time was that you really spent more than a few hours together.  Over the years life can start to get into a routine and you forget what it’s like to do more than just pass each other in the halls in the mornings or watch tv on the couch together at night.

WeddingA Friend’s Wedding

So often when people receive an invitation to a friends wedding which is outside of the country they smile politely and say “yeah right” to themselves silently.  However, have you stopped to ask yourself, why not?  Going to a friend’s wedding abroad can be a great excuse to take a trip for yourself.

It may be a huge amount of fun and a great opportunity to go somewhere you’ve never been before.  Not to mention you are going to see a bunch of people that you know from home.

Usually, people choose a particular place for their wedding because it is special in some way.  So why not check it out?



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