Ways To Get Things Done At Home While Traveling

home while your away

Technology has created a whole new world of communication and monitoring in the 21st century.  Smart televisions, smart phones, and smart homes are all wirelessly linked to create an opportunity for carefree vacations and peaceful traveling.  Rest at ease knowing that home is properly tended while relaxing on a perfect warm beach and watching the sunset.  Check out these suggestions for getting things done at home while traveling.

Home security monitoring systems

Home security has vastly improved over the past ten years.  So much so that we are never really “away” from our homes.  With the right security monitoring system in the home, traveling can be absolutely worry free.

Not only does a home surveillance system allow homeowners to check in on their homes from anywhere in the world, but it also comes equipped with the ability to record.  Sensors in the home will detect any movement and immediately begin recording and streaming the video information to a designated mobile device.

monitoring systemsSome of the best home security monitoring systems can serve as a full-on home automation hub.  With this perk, the system can be used as security and as a two-way communication device.  This perk allows for services to be performed in the home (like upgrades and interior painting) while the home’s tenants are away.

Home communication systems

Home communication systems allow homeowners to be in two places at once.  This type of device offers the ability to visually engage with people inside the home from a chosen mobile device.  Whether there is a need to speak to the babysitter or hired hands while on vacation, a home communication system will get the job done.

These systems can also be used as an internal intercom.  If little Billy is taking too long to get himself upstairs, an intercom provides the ability to prompt him without even being inside the home.  Mom or Dad can enforce routine even while being away.

pet monitoringPet cam and feeding devices

Our pets cannot always go with us on vacation, and they are almost always banned from the workplace.  Technology has given pet owners more freedom to travel while Fido is safe at home.  This is not some high-tech excuse to be a lazy or careless pet owner, but it is to help busy adults delegate time and task with a higher efficiency.  The company Petzi makes a “treat cam” that allows owners to check in on their animals and offer them a treat.  It adds comfort for the pet and their family.


There are also several affordable options for automatic feeders and water fountains.  This way, pet owners can be gone for a couple of days and their animals will not go hungry.  Travel with the knowledge that everything at home is safe and sound.



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