Troubled Waters: How to Avoid Getting Kicked Off Your Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

Because you’re boarding a vacation cruise, you may think it’s all smooth sailing, but there are rules that you need to abide on a ship just as you need to obey laws on the road, while on a plane, etc. If you’re prone to getting in trouble or have never been on a cruise before, learn how to keep out of ‘troubled waters.’

Attend the Muster Drill

Muster Drills are like insurance; you don’t think about or need them unless there’s an emergency. If you’re a routine cruiser, then you know all about the muster drill, but you still need to attend them. Drills are mandatory and you can be asked to get off the ship if you do not attend. The International Maritime Organization demands all of those sailing go to the meeting; it is not optional under any circumstance.Stay on board

Don’t Fight or Argue

Fights and intense arguments happen on land and warrant penalty, so you need to maintain the same level of awareness and dignity while at sea. Aside from legal ramifications, fighting is a surefire way to end your vacation prematurely. There’s a grey line regarding what constitutes an argument, so it’s best to act cordial toward others, even if they seem rude. Also, obey the commands and gestures of the crew at all times. Just as you would not want to argue with the police, it’s in your best interest to obey the commands of the crew members.

Don't miss the boatDo Not Throw Items Overboard

You may have tossed coins in a fountain for good luck or skipped rocks across a pond, but under no circumstances should you toss items overboard into the sea. Firstly, you would be littering, which warrants a fine. Furthermore, Bolsover Cruise Club and other luxury lines prohibit throwing cigarette butts, drink straws, or any item overboard. Though they may be pardoned depending on the circumstance, the rule applies to children as well; so, be sure young people in your party understand and obey the rules if they will not be by your side.

Don’t Do Drugs or Smuggle Contraband

Marijuana is legal in some states and can be smoked by those with medical cards, yet under no circumstance are drugs allowed while onboard. You can be dismissed from the cruise, charged with drug trafficking, and face penalties or time in prison. Regardless of what you do in your state or in the privacy of your own home, do not assume you are allowed the same freedoms on the boat or upon international waters.

Don’t Miss the Boat

Some port stop excursions are led by the crew who wait to gather all passengers before shipping off again. However, it is your responsibility to make it back to the ship if you go off and wander on your own. Some ports tempt passengers with bars and other sources of entertainment. Be aware of the timeframe given and don’t assume a boatload of people and crew will wait for you if you neglect to make it back on time.


As the Managing Director of Bolsover Cruise Club, Michael Wilson, oversees all aspects of the business. Originally known as Bolsover Travel, the company was started in the 1960’s by his parents. In his off time, Michael loves to enjoy his family, his garden and watching his favorite sport, rugby.


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