Traveling Solo In New York? Know How To Stay Safe!

New york City

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Traveling solo can be risky, no matter where you go. Safety comes in numbers, and solo travelers have to work harder to ensure they do things right. In the same way that you take home security precautions before you travel, you need to look after yourself. If you’re jetting off for your first solo trip, you might not know the in’s and out’s. Don’t worry; they’re not hard to get your head around. For the most part, it’s common sense stuff. Even so, it can ease your fears to have things laid out for you. With these top travel safety tips, You will have nothing to worry about. New York City is no more dangerous than any other city. Its main risk factor comes from the fact that it’s extremely busy.  Over 8 million people are living there, after all. We’ll be talking about staying safe in New York here. For the most part, you can apply these points to any busy location!


Public transportation can be a lifesaver for the solo traveler. There are a variety of reasons for this. From a safety perspective, it keeps you off the streets and in a safe area. But, it also saves you getting lost. Getting lost can, in itself, be a safety issue. You could wander down the wrong road and find yourself off the beaten track and in trouble. If you do walk, make sure to stay on main streets. Public transport can, however, save you the trouble. And it’s not as though you miss out; you’ll still be able to see out the window! If you’re flying to the city, it can be a good idea to contact a company like Booktaxinewyork to take you to your hotel.Remember that you’ll have your luggage with you, and could be targeted because of it. Plus, this will ensure you don’t get lost the moment you arrive!


During your stay, you’ll want to visit the Empire State Building and see the Statue Of Liberty. It’s important to remember that there will be crowds. These are iconic landmarks, and no one visits without paying them a visit. Keep your head about you. Keep your purse close to you, and in your eye line. It can help to keep your hand on top of it to ensure no one detaches it without your noticing. Make sure, too, not to leave anything important in your pockets. Thieves are often opportunists. If someone sees your phone peeking from your back pocket, there’s nothing to stop them snatching it. The worst part is, in such a crowded area, no one would see it happen.


New York is an amazing city, and there’s no denying it. Even so, try to avoid looking like a gawping tourist. If you stand out like a sore thumb, thieves are more liable to target you. They’ll know straight away that you probably have a camera and stash of travel money on you. Try, for the most part, to blend in!


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