Top Beach Cities to Visit This Summer

tel aviv

The best beach cities are located in the Mediterranean where you can find many blue sea waters with breathtaking scenery. It is not a surprise why millions of tourists visit the Mediterranean beaches every year. To visit the Mediterranean beach towns, tourists can first book their flights to Israel. From the Ben Gurion International Airport, you can then take other flights to your preferred Mediterranean destination. The following are the top 3 beach cities you can visit this summer.

  1. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been rated by the National Geographic as one of the top 10 beach cities. One thing you w will notice about Tel Aviv beaches is that they are located just in front of the town. There are long promenade along the seashore which is suitable for strolling. You can rent the canopy, sunbed and chairs at an affordable price. The temperature in the summer can vary in between 30 – 40 degree Celsius. Crowds of tourists visit the beaches from north to south of Tel Aviv.

Metzitzim is a popular beach that is often visited by family’s especially young parents. Various basic amenities are available including showers, canopy and sports courts. Hilton Dog Beach is located nearby to the Hilton Hotel and it is given this name because many people would walk their dogs at the beach. Top Sea Beach features a bar restaurant that can deliver food to the people on the beach. You can also check out the Gan Hamidron beach in Jaffa. Gan Gamidron is a small bay located in the Ajami neighborhood. The sea has a shallow area that is suitable for kids to wade in.eilat

  1. Eilat

The second top beach city is Eilat where you will find a lot of beaches suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. North Beach is the best beach for swimming because it is equipped with outdoor shower facilities. Princess Beach is the perfect snorkeling spot. The beach is seldom crowded and you can explore lots of different colorful tropical fish species under the water. You can see the coral reef without having to dive deep into the water so there is no need for any scuba diving equipment.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve has clear sea water so it is ideal for those who want to go snorkeling to view the underwater coral reef. There are several changing areas and shower facilities but it lack restaurants and cafes. Another top beach at Eilat is the Dolphin Reef. Dolphin Reef is an ecological site for dolphins. At the Dolphin Reef, you will have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. If you sit on the jetty with your feet in the water, the dolphins will swim up to you and you will get to caress it.Greece

  1. Greece

Greece is another top beach city holiday destination for tourists. One of the best beaches at Greece is Elafonisi beach on the southern coastal area of Crete. Elafonisi is just an hour boat ride from the town of Paleochora. Perissa beach is a beautiful black sandy beach with plenty of restaurants nearby. You can take a 10 minutes boat ride from Perissa to Kamari beach. Mykonos has a number of sandy beaches with calm relaxing water including Paradise Beach and Ornos Beach.


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