Tips for Choosing a Hotel in the Dead Sea Area

Hotels Dead Sea

A trip to Israel would not be complete without a visit to the Dead Sea, known as the lowest place on Earth because its shores are over a thousand feet below sea level. It has drawn visitors for years, and is famous for health resorts; an array of products from asphalt to minerals used in cosmetics and so much more. Around its shores are a number of hotels that provide comfortable accommodation for tourists. If you’re looking to visit soon, check out the following tips before booking hotels at

Book around November to January

These months are the perfect time to visit the Dead Sea. If possible, avoid the hot months of July and August because aside from the scorching heat, many popular sites and accommodation options are full of children on summer vacation. November to January might also be the best time to score some great deals.

Read reviews

Reviews from travel review sites are helpful. Pick the most recent ones and gather as much information as you can. This should help you decide which hotel to book for your much-awaited trip.

Don’t be persuaded easily by “too good to be true” deals

Be careful of deals that seem too good to be true. There might be reasons why their rates are so low compared to rates of other similar accommodation. There might be hidden charges or strict cancellation policies. When comparing hotels, consider the amenities and inclusions aside from the rate.

Keep an eye on price drops

Hotels often offer deals and promos. Room rates can fluctuate significantly, so be inclined to wait and check for nightly rate discounts.

Dead Sea IsraelCheck location

Location is important, so make it a habit to read maps. A hotel with good proximity to spots you intend to visit is an excellent choice. This saves you time, energy and money.

Book on secure sites

With online booking a modern way to make reservations, it’s hard to tell which sites are genuine or which ones will rip you off. Make it a habit to check website details that tell if they are secure or not. Secure sites use encryption to protect your personal bank or credit card information. You can also always check if a booking site is legit by calling your hotel of choice.


Do not hesitate to ask politely if you would like to clarify anything. This can even indicate how a hotel treats its guests. It always pays to do your research and find tips for a hassle-free experience.

Whether it’s your first time visiting the Dead Sea or not, it’s always good to plan well and make the most of your visit. Do not let the array of choices make it difficult for you to decide. Book based on where, when and why you want to stay in a hotel in this famous destination.




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