The Top Sun Destinations to Visit this Winter

Dominican Republic

If you have been busy studying for your MBA degree online, while juggling a job, and a social life on the side then there is no doubt that by this point you’re about ready for a break! Winter makes for the perfect time to book a holiday to a sun destination where you can catch some rays, enjoy the beach, and escape from all the stress and worry at home. If you like the idea of a holiday but you’re just not sure where to go, you’ll want to check out these top sun destinations to visit this winter.

Dominican Republic

There are all kinds of reasons this destination makes for the perfect trip including the fact it is just a short flight for those on the east coast, it boasts lovely white sand beaches, and you can pick from all kinds of stunning resorts. Whether you are going with friends or family, there is no shortage of activities at the resorts, but then again you can also choose to relax on a lounge chair all day if you prefer. Be sure to watch for sell off and last-minute packages, as you can end up saving quite a bit of money on them.

Canary IslandsThe Canary Islands

What’s so incredible about the Canary Islands is that there is no bad time to visit them. The islands enjoy a steady year round temperature and plenty of sun. It is usually a popular destination among European travelers who are looking for something more quiet, remote, and untouched. The rugged landscape of the islands draws a stark contrast to its white beaches and turquoise waters.

Florida Key WestFlorida

Maybe you don’t want to have to leave the country in order to enjoy sun. If that’s the case, then Florida is the number one place in the United States for a beach vacation. Again, you have a large variety of properties to choose from, and all kinds of different cities depending on what kind of sun vacation you want to have.


Maybe you’ve been saving up for a while and dreaming of an exotic warm getaway. Visiting Thailand is a surefire way to clear your mind so you can come back ready to finish up your online MBA program. What makes this destination so special is that you will be treated to absolutely stunning natural scenery, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, places to find pure solitude, and a chance to experience a whole new culture.

When you book this trip, you will want to keep in mind the time it takes to travel there and the fact you will need to adjust to a different time zone. Ideally this trip is better if you’ve got 10 days or more available.

The Perfect Time to Escape

Winter really is that perfect time to escape to a sun destination. It doesn’t matter if you’re willing to travel halfway across the world or remain in your own country, there are always plenty of options when it comes to sun destinations.


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