The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need When You Go To Vietnam


South East Asia is a melting pot of tourists and travellers from around the world. From Thailand to Laos and Cambodia, there is one country after another to visit. But, none of the latter beats Vietnam. Vietnam may not be as popular with tourists, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot to offer. Okay, you won’t find the same kind of nightlife in Hanoi as you would in Bangkok. However, there is more to travelling than partying and getting drunk. You won’t regret your decision when you go, especially if you use this guide.

Ho Chi Minh City

You might know it as Saigon, but it is still the same city. Ho Chi Minh City was the capital of the former South Vietnam, and it was renamed after the North won the war. Like most places in the country, it still has a sense of history. The history museum, for example, depicts the horrors of the wars that Vietnam fought from the 1950s to the 70s. And, there are the Cu Chi tunnels which focus more on the war with America. Unlike most cities, though, it also has a sense of growing with the times. You won’t find brands like McDonalds anywhere else in the country. But, Ho Chi Minh City has one as it starts to move with the times.


Hanoi is the capital city, and it is an amazing place to go and see with your own eyes. Unlike HCM, it is very dated. Don’t take that as a bad sign because the city manages it pull it off with a certain grace. The tiny restaurants, for example, are as basic as it gets when you eat out in Hanoi. But, the food is great and very cheap. The main attraction is Halong Bay, even though it isn’t in the city. You will find Hanoi attraction tours for pretty much everything, yet Halong is the jewel in the crown. The natural formation of the rocks is breathtaking up close, and the experience is one in a million. You have to spend at least two days on a boat if you want to go, living in close quarters with random strangers. It sounds dodgy, but it great fun.

Phong Nha

Phong Nha is one of those places that you don’t know much about because it isn’t as popular. However, it is without a doubt one of the best attractions in the country. Everyone that you speak to loves Phong Nha as much as they love Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. So, what’s the big deal? Well, the caves and natural surroundings of the area are awe inspiring. Some caves are adventure caves while others are caves that light up of their own volition. There is a lot to get through, so make sure you have the time. Also, make sure you bring your walking boots because it is a very active place. Don’t let the tranquil atmosphere fool you!


If you only get to visit three places, make sure they are the three above.


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