The Best City in America for a Vacation?



If you want to go for a vacation in an American city, then you’re pretty spoiled for choice. New York City is usually the first thing that springs to mind, though some people find it too “industrial” for a vacation. Los Angeles attracts many, though its famous traffic problems and dirty skies put some people off. There’s San Francisco, but we already wrote about that one!

In this article, I’m going to be turning my attention to a beautiful Californian city. No, not Los Angeles, I already dismissed that. I’m talking about the gorgeous San Diego.

Here are the reasons you should consider a trip to San Diego!

The friendly people

Here’s a strange sort of contradiction for you. There are a lot of people out there who seem to think that Americans are, in general, quite rude. Yet most people I know who holiday in America always say that they found America to be one of the friendliest places they’ve ever been to!


Of course, we can’t generalize about people in such a way. But it’s true that Americans tend to be quite talkative and welcoming to people. And the places that you go to seem to largely determine how strong that sense of welcoming will be. San Diego has gone on record several times as one of the happiest and healthiest cities in the entire country. Perhaps that’s why it’s also gained a reputation as one of the friendliest cities in North America.

The ease of transport

When people think of big cities, they often think of traffic jams. They think of loaded subway trains, usually overpriced, often not going to the precise stops you want them to go to anyway. You think of expensive cabs.

But the laidback feel of the city also seems to translate itself through its transport, too. Yes, the metropolitan areas are busy places. But obscene amounts of traffic and uncomfortable train rides are much less common than in the other fine cities of America. And if you’re looking to take to the road yourself, you have a range of options. The cabs are affordable. There are awesome trams going through the city. You can even get a bus rental in San Diego!


The weather!

It barely feels like I really need to mention it. After all, we’re talking about California, here! But it’s worth pointing out that the heat here is a lot more pleasant than in many other Californian cities. There air is less polluted, so it’s much less muggy!

The variety of things to do

Where do I even begin? Sea World seems like an obvious one, although it’s not exactly a friendly place. So how about the Cabrillo National Monument, which provides a stunning view on clear days? Or the Hash House a Go Go, one of the most beloved breakfast joints in the country? (“Hash house” refers to hash browns. Not, y’know, the other thing.) There are the stunning beaches, perfect for relaxing or surfing. And, of course, there’s the world-famous San Diego Zoo.


Long story short, you’re not going to be short on things to do.


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