Technology Trends Impacting Online Casino Gaming

2016 has been an exciting year in terms of technology. There have been several advancements in tech that has seen everyday life change for ordinary people. The way people can interact has been greatly affected by the increase in Internet speeds. It is on the back of the super-fast Internet connections that the tech we are going to discuss is built on. The reason for this is online gambling only become possible as we know it today after the birth of the Internet.

On number one on our top five list is live streaming. Already popular on social media platforms such as Twitch and Facebook live, this technology is now hitting the bestonline casinos. Online casino players can enjoy live casino games at the top real money casinos. As it becomes easier to use mobile devices to live stream, live casinos games will be more accessible. With this real money gambling will have truly gone mobile.  Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality comes next. This is every gamers dream regardless of whether they are playing for real money or bragging rights. Oculus Rift has already started testing online casino table games. This means that soon casino players will be able to enjoy blackjack and roulette in the digital world of virtual reality.

The bottom three on the top five list are Artificial Intelligence, the “Internet of things” and App Streaming. App streaming enables users to access in app data without downloading the App.

Artificial intelligence is not really a 2016 trend in the exact meaning of the phrase having been around for years. This could lead to playing casino games using only voice control.

Smart technology is commonly referred to as the “Internet-of-things”. No you will not likely be able to continue an online casino gaming session on your refrigerator. Well at least not yet!

We wish you a rewarding time playing the best online casino games.


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