Smart tips for traveling in Israel


Israel is a popular place for the tourists and visitors who come here every year. With proper planning and little knowledge, you will be able to stay safely and securely at this tourist attraction.  With car renting Israel service, the trip can be an exciting and a relaxing one. Read on to know about some great tips to travel in Israel.

  • Check passport stamp – You will have to check your passport stamp because many countries do not allow or make it very difficult for the visitors to enter the place who have Israeli stamp. Thus, you need to request politely for your stamp on a separate paper.
  • Know about history – Planning a trip to Israel is one of the best ways to refresh your mind on the history and politics of the place. You should do some homework to stay away from the uncomfortable situation where you request a driver to reach you to Bethlehem when he has Israeli passport.eilat
  • Understand safely rules – You can visit Israel at any time without any issue. However, there can be fights and conflicts at any time of the year. Make sure you follow the news and enquire about travel restrictions from foreign office before leaving home. Some areas that get mostly affected are at the edge with Lebanon and Syria in the north and Egypt in the south.
  • Consider Fridays and Saturdays – In Israel, the work week centers on Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. It begins at the sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday when several businesses close and their services tend to stop. The celebrations will differ between cities with Jerusalem more alert than Tel Aviv.
  • Choose different modes of transport – The city consists of inexpensive bus and car rental Israel service that covers most areas of the country. Sheruts, on the other hand, provides great alternative to short trips. It is extremely important to choose car rental Israel if you are planning to go the north which includes the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee.
  • Pack essential attires – It is always better to wear tiny shorts during the summer which works on the beaches of Tel Aviv. But, you need to wear right outfit at the religious places. Women must cover their chest, arms and legs.bethlehem
  • Plan for Palestinian territories – You can see Bethlehem from Jerusalem. It is amongst the most popular day trips from the city. However, it is controlled by the Palestinian Authority and so, you need to pass through the checkpoint for entrance. The security situation has shown great improvement in the recent years that is safe to cross but you must check before going. If you are going to travel by taxi, you should search for a driver who has non-Israeli passport or will change car at the border.

Apart from the ones discussed above, if you wish to move from Israel to another country, then you must plan the route beforehand. Don’t forget to avail car rental Israel service to make your trip extremely comfortable.



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