See the World with these Unique Modes of Transportation


Who says that people have to travel by plane, train or automobile? These may be the modern modes of travel, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best or the most fun. People have been traveling by different means for centuries, and even though moderns ways of transport are generally much faster than older methods of movement, it doesn’t mean that other or more unique ways to get from one place to another aren’t worth a try.

If you’re looking for something new to do to occupy your time that is also going to allow you to see and explore the world, then look no further. Here are some unique modes of transport you can try out to see the world in a different way than you’ve seen it before.

Transport Oregon Trail Style

For a long time, people were only able to travel by horse or oxen and covered wagon. The Oregon Trail is probably one of the most famous accounts of this mode of travel. It was a very grueling way to travel. If you remember playing the computer game you’ll remember that the journey took months and people were often overcome with typhoid and diphtheria.

HorseLuckily today you won’t be forced to pack all of your belongings and your entire family into a small covered wagon and make the thousands of miles journey to a new land. You’re especially lucky that there are cures for the diseases that would so quickly kill people traveling by this means back in the day. If you want the experience families back then would have had-without the diseases of course, there are caravans you can jump on to live out that fantasy.

See the Backwoods in True Backwoods Style

Ever wanted to experience the true backwoods hick style life? Look no further than going on an adventure through the wilderness of your choice on a UTV or an ATV. Hicks race these babies all the time and they use them to get from the grocery store to the pond on top of the hill.

You can even drive them all hours of the day if you have all the amenities installed. Instead of riding by car or motorcycle, hop aboard a UTV or ATV and feel the wild wind blow through your cutoff flannel and jeans. It wouldn’t hurt to grow a handlebar mustache, either.

BicycleDo You Like to Ride Your Bicycle?

If you’re anything like Freddie Mercury, you love to ride your bicycle, so what better way to see the world than to bike across it? It’s up to you whether you camp or grab a hotel once you’ve ridden yourself out for the day, but if you ride your bicycle across the United States, you’re sure to see every bit of terrain you pass by. There ain’t no multitasking when you’re on the open rode on just two wheels going 20 miles an hour.



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