Items You Can’t Forget to Bring on Your Next Wilderness Adventure

Wilderness trip

World travel has become the mantra of life as of late. It’s all due to the millennials who don’t want to stay in one place too long, and desire to see the world. Millennials are people who reach adulthood during the 21st century, generally those born between 1981 and 2000.

Their characteristics include diversity of race, desire to follow their dreams, optimism about where the world is going in the future, open mindedness, and they tend to find themselves unemployed more frequently than any other generation. They are reportedly disillusioned because of these traits. They have a hard time grasping reality for what it is.

campIt’s funny because a majority of the traits of a millennial seem positive, but that is all depending on who is doing the evaluating. There are many more characteristics of a millennial, but the one to focus on today, is their love of travel.

Seeing as millennials make up 1/3rd of the current world population, chances are pretty good that you are one of them. If you’re in the middle of planning your next big wilderness adventure, here are the items you can’t forget to bring.

The Tools of a Survivor

Perhaps you’re not a person who is in favor of tracking an animal in the wild, stripping it down for parts and using everything including the meat as a survival tool. This is fair, but if you’re a lover of nature and you’re trekking through the wild, you might come to this point.

You might be able to survive on wild edibles, but you will most definitely need some multipurpose tools at the bare minimum to help you survive. The wilderness is unpredictable, but you have to predict what you’re going to need for your journey. Don’t be caught without the tools of a survivor, otherwise, you might have the same fate as the man from Into the Wild.

WildernessA Way to Capture the Best from Your Experiences

You are a millennial after all, a big part of being a millennial is your connectedness to society via technology. You might have a desire to go ‘unplugged’ on your great journey, but maybe you shouldn’t. You want to have ways to capture your experiences so that you can relive them forever, and you definitely want to embrace new technologies so that you have an easier time making due in a foreign land.

Consider bringing a great camera with you. You also might consider bringing portable washing machine, an easy to transport water carrier, an inflatable light that gets it’s power by the sun, a hammock, or any other of the cool gadgets available out there.

You never know what you’ll experience, so spend the needed resources to make sure that your travel experiences become the best that they can be.



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