Instasize Photo Editor A Travel Blogger’s Best Friend

Song Kran Thailand 2018

I am up in Northern Thailand now, Celebrating the Thai New Year (Songkran). A picture is worth a thousand words and as a travel blogger Travel Photo Editing is a must. Taking photos means capturing every single moment for my blogs, and for my own personal memories. At times the photos I take need a bit of editing to make them perfect, and waiting until I have a computer or until I am back home is not an option, as I need to keep my audience continually updated about my adventures and travels.

I need to have a great photo editor with me on the road when I am traveling just to have a good view of the events. This prompted me to find a photo editing app for my phone so that I can work on my photos whenever and wherever I am. After looking around and trying out several apps on the internet, I found Instasize on my phone’s Google Play store. ( Don’t worry, they also have it available on itunes for you Iphone folks. 😉 )

With about 50 million users I was sure that I had gotten a great deal and I have been happy with it every since. The app so far has not let me down.

Travel photo editing with instasize makes life so easy. The Instasize app has more than 50 filters to choose from. This wide range allows me to choose what kind of mood my photos depict.I can make the same photo speak differently by for instance using the black and white filter, or the vintage filter.

Songkran 2018

Takoma Filter with Windsong Text

Instasize also offers its users a Premium subscription which I am currently using. It has over 40 exclusive filters such as some of my favorites: Tokyo, Radio, Pike, Tacoma, to name a few.  and does not have any adverts. The subscription also allows me to share photos that I have edited instantly to my social media accounts directly from the app. The app has over 30 professional fonts and a variety of font colors to select from so that you are able to write a message or a caption on your photos on the fly, and highlight them in whatever color you want.

The collage maker on the app allows me to put together an amazing story worth a thousand words of journeys while balancing the photos’ exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation and hue to ensure that they balance perfectly before posting them and putting them up on my blog.

Bamboo rafting

Collage, Oak Filter with Komika Axis Font

The beauty tools even allow me to have the best looking selfies during my adventures around the world.

Finally, the app also has templates that I use to quickly create content for my blog posts. Sometimes I do not have time to sit and create detailed content and the templates on Instasize allow me to quickly put together something to keep my blog readers and social media followers update on what I have been up to.

Sea food thailand

Hiro Filter

So if you are just on a journey, and want to keep your friends and family in the loop, or are a full time blogger. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to edit their photos while on the move. The fact that it is a mobile friendly app is an added bonus which means that you do not need a computer to perfect your photos and can just do it from your mobile phone anytime anywhere.


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