Ingenious Ways to Get Your Workouts in While Traveling


Working out is not usually a thing that sits high on the priority list for those who travel. When you spend a substantial amount of money and you’re in a place you’ve never been before, you want to maximize the amount of time you do have seeing what there is to see and not spending hours in the gym staring at a wall and hoping to work off the croissant and latte you had for breakfast.

Traveling is about experiences. So go out and get some. Do what you want. Be spontaneous. Spend the money. Spoil yourself. And last but not least, don’t worry about all the things you think you have to get done.

Of course working out is important, but you know what’s really cool about traveling? You’re already usually getting exercise even if you aren’t really aware of it. Even you’re just lounging on a beach, here are some ingenious ways you can get your workout in while traveling:

walkWalk Places

If you’re visiting a busy city, it might be tempting to just hail a cab everywhere that you go. This is something that you don’t want to do unless it’s necessary. Even if you’re stuffing your face with funnel cake and world famous hamburgers and pizza, the sheer act of walking to all the destinations possible will get you the exercise you need in a day.

Get yourself a fitness tracker and you’ll realize how much walking you’re actually doing during those long days in the city. If the walking isn’t enough for you, move onto the next tip:

Do Some Bench Work

You might want to get all gussied and glammed up to explore the city you’re visiting, but perhaps comfy workout clothes are best for you…this way, you can wear your tennies, not have aching and blistered feet, and you can incorporate some bench work into your day without being worried that you’ll expose yourself to people in your dress.

Don’t be embarrassed to workout in public. It’s not as intense as you think. Bench work just means that every time you see a public bench, you go over to it and you either do 10 pushups off the back of it, or you do situps or a plank. People might look at you, but why care? You’ll never see them again.

stairsTake the Stairs

Here’s the killer. You might be tired, but when you take the stairs you’re incorporating a lot of physical movement in an easy way. Not only are you getting cardio, you’re also working your glutes, your hamstrings, your calves, your quads, and who know what else. It’s really this simple. Choose the activities that get you moving and you’ll have more energy to do more, longer.



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