How to Plan the Ultimate Vacation with Friends


A group holiday can often make or break a friendship. If you want to develop a stronger bond while creating many wonderful memories, you’ll need to plan for a vacation. To do so, check out our helpful advice on how to plan the ultimate vacation with friends.

Share Vacation Duties

Don’t leave it up to one person to deal with every aspect of a vacation. Share duties to ensure not all the stress is laid onto one person. So, one friend should take care of the flights, while another should be responsible for the itinerary or hotel bookings.

Don’t Dictate

Group vacations will be filled with different personalities. Whilst one person might be happy to party all night and sleep all day, others might prefer to spend all day by the poolside and enjoy an early night. Either way, you should allow everyone to do what they want to do on holiday. So, let the partiers go out together, and don’t stop the beach-goers from visiting the beach. Just ensure nobody is left on their own.

Find the Perfect Swimwear

It’s easy to compare yourself to other friends when on vacation, as you might be envious of someone’s curvaceous figure, slim body shape or athletic frame. That’s why you should look for the perfect swimwear for your body shape before you head off on a break with friends. For example, affordable, stylish underwire swimsuits plus size can make you feel happier in your own skin, so you’ll feel just as beautiful as they are by the pool or on the beach.vacation home

Stay in an Apartment or House

When vacationing with friends, it often works out much cheaper to stay in an apartment or house over a hotel room. There are many vacation properties that can cater for up to 20 people, which can work out cheaper per person, too. What’s more, it will allow everyone to have fun together, as people won’t be separated into different hotel rooms, and the party doesn’t have to end just because a bar or restaurant has closed for the night.

Leave Stress and Bitterness at Home

Were you the friend who had to book all the hotels, apartments and flights? If so, don’t take the stress or resentment with you on holiday, or it could lead to arguments throughout the vacation. Remember, you’re going away to have a fantastic time, so let all the emotional baggage go once a trip has started.

Set a Budget

Different people will have different financial situations, which is why it’s important to discuss a budget before planning a group vacation. While you might be thinking five-star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants, your friend’s budget might be more suited to three-star accommodation and affordable food and drinks. While money can sometimes be a touchy subject, it’s important to bring up the matter to find a vacation idea and budget that works for everyone who wants to go. This will ensure nobody is left out because they couldn’t afford an activity, or it could prevent a friend from falling into debt to pay for a trip.budget, share expenses

Share the Expense

Avoid conflict by splitting all bills down the middle when possible. Instead of deciding whose turn it is to pay for a taxi or petrol, you should each chip in to the costs to ensure everyone pays their way. You could even create a shared pot, which everyone should add into, so you will have money to pay for different bills – which you can top up throughout the holiday if it runs a little short.

Keep Your Friends in the Loop

It’s vital to keep your friends updated on a vacation bookings or changes, which will ensure everyone remains in the loop. Share all information you have as soon as possible, so your friends will not be surprised by any plans you have made. So, send your friends flight confirmations or hotel bookings as soon as you have them, which will avoid confusion or conflict.

Have you enjoyed a successful holiday with friends? Do you have any top tips to share with our readers? Tell us your stories and advice by writing a helpful comment below.


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