How to Find a Vacation Destination Your Kids Will Love


Planning a vacation can be hard enough if you are unsure of where you want to go for your next trip or you are on a pretty tight budget and your options are limited as a result. But if you will be traveling with your kids, planning your journey can be even harder. This is especially true if you have young children who tend to grow bored easily, as well as teens who want to set off on their own to see a new place without their parents hovering over them all the time.

So how do you tackle this important task of booking a vacation everyone in the family can enjoy? Continue reading for a few tips to help you get started.

Involve Everyone in the Planning Process

One of the best ways to ensure everyone in your family will have a fabulous time away from home is by allowing everyone to have some level of input in the planning process. Do your children really want to go to Disney World or another amusement park? Then consider staying in Orlando, Florida, where there are plenty of options. Or are your teens ready to explore Europe? If so, booking a trip to an exciting city like Rome or Barcelona would be ideal. Or maybe they want to check out some of the places they’ve seen on TV? If so, consider New York City or Palo Alto, CA. From there, you can make sure you book accommodations like this great Palo Alto hotel, Nest Palo Alto, that fit the rest of your needs.

plan a vacationBook the Right Hotel

If you cannot afford to stay at an all-inclusive resort that offers everything from dining to entertainment every day and night, you definitely have to be sure that you book a hotel that is kid-friendly. Your teens might love to spend time relaxing in the hot tub, but no matter what, you should book a place that has a large swimming pool, preferably indoors, so that your kids can have fun no matter what the weather is like outside.

Get Outside

The best thing about a family vacation, especially in the summer, is having the ability to get outside. Book a beach getaway and make sure your kids get to snorkel and swim, or head off to the water park where they can slip and slide into the pools. Even hiking and exploring forests is a great way to spend time together, especially if you’re all nature buffs.

foodMake Sure There Are Plenty of Places to Eat

Kids, especially teens, need to eat a lot, so you definitely want to be certain that the destination you choose has plenty of eateries available that are family-friendly. Do your research prior to booking to ensure whatever city you’re planning on visiting has enough options to keep your whole family satisfied. This definitely does not mean that you need to resort to going to fast food restaurants in order to avoid more sophisticated establishments, as there are plenty of chain restaurants and casual mom and pop establishments that the entire family can enjoy. Places that incorporate sports, arcades, and fun foods like pizza are also sure to be a hit with the kids.

Can you think of any more tips for finding a great family friendly destination? Let us know in the comments.


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