How to Arrive Alive This Holiday Season

Plan your route

It is estimated that more than 100.32 million people will take to the highways to travel more than 50 miles away from home this holiday season, meanwhile popular roadside assistance companies expect to have to rescue more than 1 million people during the Christmas rush.

If you are one of the people who will be traveling this holiday season, then here are some tips for staying safe on the road during the holidays:

Plan Your Route

The first step in successful holiday travel is to plan your route. If you are going through major cities, try to arrange your travel allowing you to miss traffic rush hours. Not only will your auto insurance provider appreciate the abundance of caution, being careful will actually reduce the chances of your rates going up due to getting into an accident. Furthermore, you should print out a copy of your route before you leave home in case the internet goes down on the way or you get to an area where you have no reception. Let someone know your route and expected arrival time before you leave home.

Pack Emergency Supplies

If you will be traveling in an area where winter weather is remotely possible, pack some emergency supplies before leaving home. You will want some high-protein foods as they will help keep you going. Additionally, pack some basic first aid supplies. You should also take along an ice scraper, shovel, and battery jumpers. Also, pack along a battery-operated radio allowing you to listen to the weather if stuck in a storm where your phone will not work or you cannot charge it.Emergency supplies

Drive Alert

It can be really tempting to get to thinking about the Christmas presents you will receive and push your ability to stay awake. It is far better to pull over and rest if you find yourself getting sleepy. When you are tired, then your reaction times become slower, and you are more likely to end up in a wreck. Try taking a short break every hour so that you stay mentally alert.

Stay With Your Car

If something happens to your car, especially in bad weather, then stay with it when driving in bad weather. Call 911 and alert them of the problem that you are having and your location. If snow is piling up around the bottom of your vehicle, then be very careful leaving it running as snow can block the exhaust pipes causing toxic fumes to back up into the passenger compartment. When running the vehicle, leave the window cracked a little bit.

Make yourself visableMake Your Car Noticeable

If you get stuck, then make sure to make your car noticeable by turning the flashers on. When available, set flares or reflective pylons behind and in front of your vehicle. Try to keep your windshield free of snow or ice as it will make your vehicle more noticeable to emergency personnel.

Following these simple bad weather driving safety tips, and having comprehensive car insurance will help you arrive safely at your holiday destination. Always remember that it is far better to arrive late than not at all.


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