How my Atlanta trip turned out great despite having an injured foot

Atlanta Skyline

During my recent trip through the U.S. I had planned a stop in Atlanta, Georgia. I was really excited beforehand and had my traveler’s backpack (which was already stuffed with too many souvenirs from New York) shouldered as I grabbed some snacks from the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s food court and that was basically when it happened. Through my rush and carelessness I dropped my 60 pound backpack on my foot and as far as I can tell the coffee mug in shape of Lady Liberty hit against my big toe. What was I to do? I could hardly walk and really wanted to see so many things in Atlanta – I even had booked a Walking Dead Big Zombie Tour which of course was a walking tour!

I sat down and checked out the available car services – but I could not just rent a car as I was not able to drive with that foot, no way! Basically what I did as I was on a budget was that I checked which provider would offer me an online discount and a driver, I found ATL Car Service. They even accept paypal which is awesome as an international tourist (and for anyone else who basically does not want to be bothered with digging out their credit card and typing in numbers in a stressful situations). The driver picked me up on short notice and dropped me off at my hotel. I was so thankful!

Luxury Car serviceI basically just chilled the first evening in my hotel room and wanted to see if I could handle walking the next day and would arrange my plans accordingly. I definitely wanted to see the High Museum of Art and I knew for sure that I could do that even with an injured foot. Another bullet-point on my bucket list was The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse (they are playing Macbeth everyone!), I thought I might be doing that in the evening as I basically would just have to sit. But what about my Walking Tour?

The next morning my foot was looking like an abstract painting and I realized that I would not be walking much that day. So I used the hotel’s free wifi and ordered an SUV with a driver from ATL Car Service again they have a really user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. I booked a “hourly/multi stop/tour” with several stops and had the driver drop me off at the theater in the evening.
Atlanta Center for civil rights
My driver was of course a local and knew everything that was of interest for tourists like me – we checked out the great architecture of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, The Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the Georgia Aquarium where we had a stop and I grabbed some lunch. I was driven to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site where I took the chance and hopped out again to take some photos. Afterwards my driver made my dreams come true as I told him about my accident and that I had missed my Walking Dead Tour – he knew some of the locations where the series was shot and drove right by so I could have a glance and take some pictures! It was awesome! We followed the street on which the main character rode into Atlanta in the first episode ever – that was really impressive. I had goosebumps. Everything went really well and my foot hurt much less as I was finally dropped off at the hotel that evening. The next morning ATL Car Service picked me up again and brought me and my injured foot back to the airport. All in all I had a blast despite being in mild pain the whole time. Atlanta is definitely worth a second visit!


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