Hazy Days, Lazy Nights: Best Apps to Make Every Day of Your Vacation Something Special

Travel Apps

When you go on your next vacation, make sure you take your smartphone with you. There are so many apps available that can make the experience more enjoyable. But which apps should you download? Here are a few you can try.


TripAdvisor is one of the best travel apps around. It features countless reviews from previous travelers for everything from restaurants to theatres to hotels to attractions, and that makes it an essential app for travel.

Whenever you go somewhere new on your vacation, open the app and search for the best place to eat, sleep, or visit nearby. You’ll instantly be able to read honest reviews from other travelers and you can use these to discover new places and decide which places you want to visit.

So download it today and start searching for the best things to see and do when you are on vacation.

Weather Live Free

If you’re traveling somewhere unfamiliar, you’ll want to know what the weather is going to be doing. This will have a big impact on the clothes you will take, and whether you will need sunscreen, an umbrella, or both.

Weather Live Free is one of the best weather apps for Android phones (learn more about it here). Get accurate weather forecasts for anywhere in the world so you can plan before you leave home, and take it with you so you can find out the forecast each day of your holiday and make suitable plans.

Like a Local

Like a Local is a fantastic app that will help you find the best things to see and do on your vacation. As the name suggests, you won’t find all of the tourist traps with this app. Instead, you can use the app to find tips from local people.

So now you can do all the things the locals recommend to enjoy a more authentic experience and discover some hidden gems that the other tourists miss out on.


Getting around can be a hassle when you arrive somewhere new, especially if you are going to be relying on the local public transport. Citymapper is a great little app that will help to make getting around a lot easier.

You can simply open the app and get instant details about the different routes, how long the journeys take, and more. It covers lots of destinations, so check if your destination is covered and then download it today.

Lonely PlanetLonely Planet

Another great app for discovering new things on your vacation is the Lonely Planet app. Use the expert knowledge contained in the app to help you find the most interesting things to see and do. You’ll find destinations all over the world, and it is easier to carry the information on your phone than in a guidebook.

Get More from Your Vacation

Vacations should be a lot of fun, so make your experience even more enjoyable by using these helpful apps. Whether they provide you with the weather forecast, help you to get around, or present opportunities for things to see and do, they are all sure to be useful apps that will help you to get even more from your next vacation.

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