Five Sure Fire Ways to Travel on a Shoestring Budget

travel on a shoestring

We are seeing a lot of people traveling these days due to growing affluence. Friends, families and random strangers are posting picturesque snapshots of the places they’ve been to on Facebook and Instagram. Sure, traveling can be very exciting, but it does cost money to pack your bags and explore the world.

But money shouldn’t always get in the way of your travel plans. In fact, many travel junkies these days hop from one country to another on a tight budget. And since they are already doing that, it only goes to show that you can follow their footsteps too.

So how exactly should you travel on a shoestring budget? Here are five expert tips:

  1. Plan ahead

This is perhaps the cardinal rule in every travel escapade – planning. If you want to keep your expenses low, then it is an imperative that you draw out a strategy in which you can use the least amount of money for your needs when on the road.

Planning should cover everything-from your airline tickets to your travel dates to the places where you will stay and the purchases you will make. You need not dine in a fancy restaurant or go shopping in high-end malls during your vacation especially when your overall goal is just to feel the vibe of your destination. Try the night bazaars or the local food stall where the food is freshly cooked in front of you. While you save hard, you should not fall sick along the way.

  1. Search for discounts

When you have already planned ahead, then you have the leverage of finding discounts to save on your expenses. Some airlines offer discounted rates on their flights when you book tickets at least six months before your target travel dates, while insurance providers offer travel insurance discount to early purchases. Discounts help reduce your intended cash outlay, and you are able to get the best deals simply by planning beforehand.Secondary destinations

  1. Look for secondary destinations

Secondary destinations can bring more color to your budget travel. For example, if you are going to travel to Thailand, you may want opt to visit Chiang Mai instead of focusing on Phuket or Bangkok ( Although there are many amazing things to do in Bangkok). This is because Chiang Mai is cheaper, the weather is cooler and the attractions are unique. Visit the elephant camp, trek the mountain and shop at the famous night bazaar. Stay at small motels, most of them is conveniently located with low cost meals easily available within walking distance.

When searching for secondary destinations, you may want to look at two factors: the transportation options to reach the place and the accessibility of the place to other areas worth visiting. By knowing the routes and the transportation options, the more value you will derive from your travel expenses. Not to mention more pictures of unique landscape that you can showcase on social media.

  1. Hotel vs. homestay vs. couch surfing

Booking hotel stays at heavily discounted rates can be difficult, especially when you are thinking about traveling during peak season. If you have to travel during peak season, you really have to look for cheaper alternatives then. Homestays that offer bed and breakfast to backpackers is the usual first option. Increasingly, couch surfing in case you have friends who can accommodate you for a few nights during your stay, is gaining popularity.

A homestay can be a great Plan B to a hotel since it is not only cheaper but also gives you a taste of how it is like to live as a local in the place you are visiting.

  1. Secure travel insurance

Do not see travel insurance as an additional expense but think of it as an investment. It can save you up on huge costs later on since you can use it during emergency situations. By being insured, you are saving the cost of a medical bill or a piece of baggage that has gone missing. Think of using the amount saved for an investment where you can make money to pay for your next vacation!

Also, there is a possibility of a discount when You buy travel insurance online, if you purchase coverage early, or when there is a travel insurance promotion being offered by insurance companies. It would be best to check out their offers while planning your trip so you know how to include an insurance plan on your travel budget.



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