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State of the art technology has given middle class and upper class brand new options for going off-grid through different methods. One of the most popular is buying a new houseboat, but there is no doubt that building one from scratch is a much more interesting idea. Especially if you have a keen eye and taste for design, custom made houseboats are a trend that is becoming more and more popular around the world. But beginners who only have the idea of actually building a new houseboat may not have a clear picture in their minds. We took the time to give you a list of the best features and things to consider before you start building your new houseboat.

Houseboat viewsFirst of all, you have to go through these details to take into consideration before making the decision to actually build a houseboat.

  1. Can I afford a houseboat? This is perhaps the most important question of them all, building a two-person houseboat will cost you between $12,000 and $15,000 dollars at the minimum. Keep in mind, this akin to a “tiny house” on the water that you have cut costs as much as possible. Prices go up from there into the single digit millions depending upon size, location and amenities.
  2. What type of houseboat am I looking for? Besides the cruising and none cruising houseboats, you also have two different categories of the cruising houseboats, the displacement hulls boat and the planing hulls boat. The former moves through the water and displaces it to then fill the voids the boat leaves behind it. The ladder is designed to lift the boat up while it moves forward. This gives the boat a ‘riding’ effect on top of the water while dramatically reducing the amount of water being displaced. This gives the boat a lot more speed with much less friction.
  3. The number of rooms you are looking for. This depends on your income and the type of experience you want for your boat. If you are looking for a more family-friendly houseboat you might want to add a couple more rooms besides your own.
  4. Length or range you are seeking in your houseboat. The standard measures vary between 72 x 29 ft with 969 sq ft. And 88 x 29 ft with 1,292 sq ft of internal space. But depending on your own design imagination, you can do wonders on the inside of those spaces.
  5. Rent a houseboat before you build one. This is a must for everyone who is looking to build their own houseboat in the future, knowing what living on a houseboat is all about is essential for the consumer. Also, you can try all the different sizes and types of houseboats to later pick the best option that suits your needs. Prices on Airbnb vary from $200 per night for a single guest to $400 per night for more than 3 guests.essential features houseboat

Essential features on your houseboat.

Here’s the thing, the features on your houseboat will be directly linked to the budget you have to build it. Your price will increase gradually as you keep adding more features to it, naturally. If you have the cash to invest in such a luxury and really want to create a unique getaway, we recommend you go all out and add these features to your new houseboat.

  • Main bedroom with a queen size bed and all accommodations.
  • Two additional guest bedrooms with queen split bed and a shared bathrooms between both.
  • Day/Night sofa for two additional guests.
  • Slide doors to the exteriors from each room.
  • Lower level with an all equipped kitchen.
  • Front and roof lounges.
  • LED Lightning.
  • A/C throughout the whole boat.
  • Gas heating.
  • Laundry space in the back.
  • High-end outdoor furniture.
  • 4K TV with a gaming console of your choosing and surround sound system throughout the houseboat.
  • Staircase connected to the top deck, not a ladder.
  • Completely covered upper deck.
  • Completely automatic power supply with its own generator.
  • Twin Volvo Penta engines.
  • Sewage treatment unit.
  • Electric boiler room system.
  • Desalination system to process seawater.
  • Wi-Fi and hotspot for travel away from dock.

HouseboatThese are just some of the features you can get on your boat, most of the things mentioned in the previous list are essential things, but you can add whatever you want to houseboat of your dreams. It all depends on how big your imagination and your budget really are.

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