7 Tips for Mothers Pursuing an Online Education

online education

Pursuing a higher level of education could very well be the best decision you will ever make as a mother. It sets a good example for your children to emulate and assures them of a better future. You will also be able to qualify for better job opportunities with a higher income as you further your education.

Online education is the best option for mothers who want to stay in touch with their family’s needs and work at the same time. Making the tough decision to enroll in an online program is just the first step, but how do you juggle all the responsibilities at work, home, and school? Here are some tips that every mother pursuing an online education should consider.

1. Talk to Your Employer about Your Plans

Talk to your boss about your plan to go back to school even if you will be studying online. Your studies may not affect your work schedule but your boss could be willing to give you some time off to study. You will need every break you can get to study or take care of your family.

In some cases, specialization is even recommended. Many registered nurses will be encouraged to pursue an online RN to BSN degree for advancement. Online nursing programs have improved significantly in the last few years and are becoming more and more respected by employers.

2. Create Your Schedule Early

Check the syllabus for each course at the beginning of the semester and create your schedule immediately. Start gathering the materials you will require and engage your tutors early. Ask your tutors about their plans and expectations for the entire online program so you’ll be thoroughly prepared.

Peacefull work environment3. Create a Peaceful Work Environment

You may need to clear a room at home for your studies. Remove everything in the study room that can distract you when studying. Talk to your family about your schedule and request them to give you space during your study hours.

4. Ask for Help

Accept that you cannot do it all by yourself and ask for help especially with your kids. A strong support system is critical for working mothers who want to further their education. You will be surprised at how your family and friends will be willing to help you achieve your dreams.

5. Be Organized

You need excellent organizational skills when juggling between motherhood and school. Organize your assignments by order of their urgency, complexity and course. Create different online and physical folders for each course and create a to-do list for each day before you sleep. It also helps to plan your meals for a week and shop for everything at once.

6. Interact with other Students

Group discussions enhance your understanding of the subject matter and give you an opportunity to socialize. You will not have much time to socialize after enrolling for your online degree. Interactions with other students will make your studies more interesting.

7. Take Time Off

It may seem almost impossible with so many things to do, but your schedule should include time off. You can spend the time off with your family or engage in your hobbies. You may not get several days off but a few hours off every week will refresh your mind and body.


Pursuing an online education as you work and take care of your family is a hard task. However, you can make the task easier through planning. You also need a reliable support system and realistic expectations about how much workload you can handle.


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