6 Sights Around the World that You Shouldn’t Miss

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If you love to travel or are looking to get started, it can be tough to choose a destination. Either you have too many options to know where to begin, or you have to start digging deeper to find places you ache to see. If you’re ready for something to stare at in appreciation, check out these 6 places off the usual beaten path.


Head to Beaumaris in Wales for a striking exploration of the greatest castle never built. Edward I built many castles in Wales to strengthen his hold over the Welsh people, and each castle was better than the last, but the vision for Beaumaris Castle upset them all. It was meant for entertaining and impressing guests. Too bad it was never finished. Funds were diverted from the project to continue the war against Scotland.

Portugal Portugal

If you can’t get enough of the numerous cathedrals in Europe, you can’t miss Braga, Portugal. This city seems to have a church on every corner and is well known for its religious history. The breath-taking Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro should be at the top of your list. Several flights of stairs take you from the level city to the top of the hill, and its sweeping views can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Zambia Zambia

Hit South Africa up for a thrilling nature-made beauty. In Zambia, you can visit Victoria Falls where the Zambezi River thunders over a basalt cliff of approximately 1,700 meters (5,577 feet) in width. This view has running water year round and several vantage points to observe from along the falls. With its combined height and width, Victoria Falls is known as the biggest waterfall in the world.

Italy Italy

For the lover of puzzles, you can’t do better than Il Labirinto (the labyrinth) at Villa Pisani in Stra, Italy. This hedge maze is known as the most difficult in the world. In fact, local stories say that Napoleon himself ended up lost in it while he lived there. The only way you’ll be looking over these hedges is if you make it to the central tower and meet the goddess Minerva at the top. After conquering this challenge, a regular old corn maze won’t ever be enough.

Japan Japan

Stop off in Nara, Japan for a tour of the seriously stunning Yakushiji temple. It’s a famous imperial temple that wasn’t actually built on the ground where it sits today. It was built near Kashihara, but after the Emperor who commissioned its construction died, his wife and successor moved to the new capital, moving the temple to its current location. Inside there is plenty of elegant architecture to leave you in awe.


One more cathedral you can’t go without visiting is the majestic Las Lajas in Colombia.  Construction on the church started in 1916 and was funded by local churchgoers. Rising up from the bottom of a lush green canyon and sporting a high bridge over the water from one side to the other, there is no way you could be disappointed with the experience of entering it or with admiring the spectacular views.






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