6 Best Places to Travel in Asia


For many years, people have become obsessed with traveling in the Orient. From exotic spices to oriental rugs, Asia houses a plethora of taste and beauty. You may have long desired to visit the Asian continent but find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. The trick to traveling is in narrowing down your “dream destinations.” Included here are a few of the best places to travel in Asia.


Not just for honeymooners, Bali is a popular destination for every variety of globetrotter. With sandy beaches, ancient historic temples and the luxury of modern resorts, Bali truly offers a well-rounded travel experience. Backpackers and outdoorsmen will have plenty of options during their Balinese trip as well. In spite of all of this beauty, Bali remains a fairly affordable travel destination that should be visited by all Orient-bound adventurers.


Whenever you see someone posting a photo of a bungalow over crystal blue waters, you may be incited with wanderlust and vacation envy. For those who want the experience for themselves, traveling to the remote Maldives may be just the ticket. With 1,190 islands, the Maldives offer countless room for recreation and enjoyment, from beachside massages to coral reef diving.


For those that love to eat, traveling to Singapore should be high on your Asian agenda. With development of Southeast Asian flavors, Singapore has become a veritable culinary mecca and a desirable destination for foodies and tired travelers alike. The city has all of the nightlife and bustle you would expect from a city this size, and the growth in the economy has contributed to a healthy skyline.

Hong Kong

Originating as a British colony on Chinese soil, Hong Kong can be a great way to introduce yourself to life in China. With massive city skyscrapers to natural mountains ready for rock climbing, this city offers a multitude of options for every kind of adventurer. In spite of the British origins in China, Hong Kong has worked to define itself independently of each, creating a truly unique experience.

For those who wish to see Asia quickly, Tokyo may be just the place for you. Known as an incredibly fast-paced city, Tokyo moves incredibly quickly and visitors run the risk of being left behind. If you are up to the challenge, Tokyo presents the ultimate in a fast-paced lifestyle, with changing fashion, breakneck traffic and long working hours. The pursuit for bigger and better is alive and well in Tokyo and can be viewed in their museums, temples, and incredible sushi.


Travel to Asia would not be complete without views of some of its most popular historic locations. Travel to Beijing to visit the Great Wall of China as well as the Forbidden City. Beijing is not nearly as busy as Tokyo, but offers much more in the way of history and ancient culture.



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