5 Reasons Why Staycations Are Great Vacations

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With economic downturns, side turns and back tracks, sometimes taking a vacation can be more of a headache than a joy. You need to take a break from the daily grind, but you don’t want to be struggling financially for the rest of the year to pay for it. ‘Staycationing’ is the answer to your vacation stresses.

Staycationing is when you stay in your local area to holiday. If you are lucky enough to live in apartments in Pensacola, FL that have all the amenities of a holiday destination, why not stay home and use them? Here are 5 reasons why staying local is a wise decision.

  1. Packing

Staying at home means that you have everything you need for your vacation already. You don’t need to weigh suitcases, worry about forgetting necessary essentials, or worry about leaving them behind at the end of your holiday.

  1. Longer holiday

Having set up your automatic out of office e-mail, you are on holiday. You don’t have to spend hours in transit, you don’t have to queue for security at the airport, and nor do you have to wait to be dropped off by coach at your hotel at the end of a long flight: your holiday begins immediately. Staycationing provides you with the maximum amount of time for relaxation.Pensacola

  1. Minimum stress

See points above! Traveling is great fun, but the build up to it can be stressful. You want to make the most of your vacation, and that usually means having a schedule to ensure that you don’t miss your flight, that you can book into your hotel at the correct times, and that you get to see as many of the sites as you can; but having a strict itinerary almost defeats the whole idea of having a relaxing vacation. You want to recharge your batteries, and not return to work in need of a vacation to get over the one you’ve just had. A staycation is the least stressful type of vacation.

  1. Reduced costs

Taking the costs of travel and accommodation out of your vacation budget allows you to have more money for your entertainment. You will have more money to spend on things that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford. You can go and see a show, have spa treatments or go to that restaurant that you have heard such good reviews about. The added benefit is that you are spending money in your community and supporting local businesses and the local economy.

  1. Knowledge is power

When you sit and think about what there is in your local area to do, there will be places that you have intended to go, but to date just haven’t had time. You have the great benefit of having local knowledge. How many times have you been on a daytrip when you’ve been on vacation and wished that you hadn’t? Spending time and money on disappointing trips really is avoided when you staycation. Spending time as a family exploring your local area and heritage is a great way to appreciate exactly where you come from. You can literally have an adventure from your own doorstop.




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