5 global hotspots for digital nomads

Digital Nomad

“Chained to the desk” is no longer a truism. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Digital nomads spurn the traditional 9-5 office job in favor of travel and adventure. They keep money coming in by running their own companies, freelancing or simply working remotely. They scour the globe in search of exciting new locations with fast wifi, low living costs and excellent leisure options.

While some seek out co-working spaces – which are spreading like wildfire to keep pace with the digital nomad trend – others are content working from cafes, apartments, beaches or anywhere else with an internet connection.

Their lines of work also vary profoundly. Digital nomads represent just about every profession that doesn’t require face-to-face contact, from entrepreneurs to web developers, accountants to photographers.

For those considering quitting their day jobs and embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, we’ve compiled a list of five cities that offer everything you’ll need to get started:Chiang Mai

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nestled amid the mountains of northern Thailand and strewn with dozens of ancient temples, Chiang Mai has long been a favorite among tourists. But in recent years, it has emerged as a leading destination for digital nomads, as evidenced by the proliferation of co-working spaces and the abundance of relevant groups and networking events.

Those just getting started can rest assured that by moving to Chiang Mai, they’ll be immersing themselves in a thriving culture of seasoned digital nomads. Those who have been there for a while rave about everything from its world-class food to its incredible weather to the strong sense of community they’ve found there.

Aside from its exquisite natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, a key draw of Chiang Mai is its low cost of living – a key priority for most digital nomads. According to global cost of living database Numbeo, a local meal at an inexpensive restaurant will set you back just over $1. For about $300 a month, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center. Your monthly internet bill will amount to around $15 a month.

Popular co-working spaces in Chiang Mai include Punspace and MANA.brasov

  1. Brasov, Romania

For years tourists have been drawn to Romania for its verdant landscapes, historical architecture and friendly people. But more recently, its ultra-fast internet and low living expenses have beckoned throngs of digital nomads as well.

The Transylvanian city of Brasov boasts all the best Romania has to offer. Digital nomads can make the most of the bustling city and its epic night life thanks to its very low living costs. They can also easily slip away to any of the several nearby ski resorts in the winter, or drive just over 300 km. to enjoy the Black Sea coast during the warm summer months.

According to Numbeo, a meal in an inexpensive local restaurant in Brasov will cost you about $5. An average month’s rent in a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will run you about $225 and internet access will set you back a mere $6 on average.

Brasov’s Hub Onezero is a co-working space that has received excellent reviews.Cape Town

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

It isn’t the cheapest option on the list, but a key part of the digital nomad lifestyle is seeing and experiencing as much of the world as possible, and Cape Town is an excellent base from which to explore South Africa.

Digital nomads relish the city’s unparalleled natural beauty, solid infrastructure and easy access to some of South Africa’s most incredible destinations. And with a time zone just two hours ahead of London’s, Cape Town digital nomads can comfortably maintain European work schedules.

According to Numbeo, a local meal at an inexpensive restaurant in Cape Town will set you back about $7. A month in a one-bedroom apartment in the center will cost you around $630 on average, while your monthly internet bill will amount to about $60.

Popular co-working spaces in Cape Town include Work & Co and the Inner City Ideas Cartel.Bali

  1. Bali, Indonesia

With its pristine white sand beaches and lush jungles, Bali is a top pick among digital nomads looking to mix business with leisure.

Digital nomads in Bali tend to gush about its stunning natural beauty, its relaxed atmosphere and the friendliness of local people and members of their nomad communities.

According to Numbeo, a cheap local meal will cost you just under $2, while monthly rent in a one-bedroom apartment in the center of one of the island’s cities will cost you an average of $225. Meanwhile, you can expect your internet bills to set you back about $40 a month.

Popular co-working spaces in Bali include Hubud in Ubud and Lineup Hub in Kuta.berlin

  1. Berlin, Germany

As was the case with Cape Town, Berlin’s living costs are a far cry from Chiang Mai’s. But between its vibrant cultural scene and its bustling entrepreneurial atmosphere, Berlin strikes the perfect balance for creative digital nomads striving to take their business ventures to the next level.

Those who have spent time in the city laud its energetic ambience and its incredible nightlife, as well as the widespread availability of free internet and the city’s relative affordability.

According to Numbeo, a cheap local meal in Berlin typically costs about $8. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you about $720, while your monthly internet bill will average $25.

A couple of co-working spaces that have garnered rave reviews include Rainmaking Loft Berlin and Agora Collective.

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