5 Fantastic Travel Destinations For The Sportsman Within


The avid sportsman is always seeking out the next opportunity to fish or hunt.  Big game or small game hunter, the hunt never stops for the perfect destination.  When observing the proper safety habits, outdoor sports offer hours of relaxation and enjoyment for the whole family.  This year, why not set some goals, and check out these five fabulous destinations.

Mountain Hunting

The world’s mountainous areas are a harbor for a plethora of wildlife large and small.  Birds, deer, bear, and other forest creatures are the sportsman’s bread and butter.  Try visiting these locations for fun and adventure.

Laramie, Wyoming is the hottest spot in the U.S. for hunting antelope.  Locals call them pronghorns, and they actually outnumber the residents of Laramie.  Other game such as elk and deer also populate their woods.  Laramie is a small college town and offers a booming nightlife and an eclectic culture.

Whitefish, Montana is one of the more undiscovered towns in the state.  Most of Montana has sadly been overrun with tourism and hipsters, but this gem remains somewhat unscathed.  There are a few sleepy galleries in the town, but the piece de resistance is the Flathead National Forest just outside of town.  Flathead National Forest is one of the very last sleeper spots for trophy whitetail deer.  In the Spring, sportsmen have the opportunity to spot-and-stalk a bear or two.

HuntingLast, but not least in the mountain hunting division is Fayetteville, West Virginia.  Fayetteville offers a wide variety of game to seek and find.  With a population of only 2,922, the town is far from “sleepy.”  fayetteville harbors one of the few National Parks that allows hunting within its borders.  The park also features a soaring bridge over the New River Gorge.  Turkey, deer, bear, and, of course, squirrel are among the most sought after game in the forest.

Fantastic Fishing

Fishing is another joy for many sportsmen, and Salmon, Idaho tops the list for fantastic fishing.  The name of the town offers a helpful hint as to what one might be aiming to fish while visiting.  Salmon, Idaho is located on the Salmon River.  The tributaries and surrounding wilderness provide many hunting and fishing opportunities.  Trout, steelhead, and salmon (duh!) are readily available for the hungry fisherman.

South Florida has some of the best fly-fishing opportunities in the country.  The Florida Everglades provide habitat for schools of redfish, tarpon, and the occasional largemouth bass.  Moving inland poses no hindrance for fisherman.  Florida’s canals, lakes, and ponds are stocked full with huge largemouth bass, and it is totally legal to harvest them from the water.  The Keys still have tarpon and bonefish below the blue surface.


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