5 Damage-Repair Tips For Travelers Who Rent Condos


When you’re out on vacation, and you choose to stay at a condo or some type of a resort, damage-repair topics probably aren’t the top thing on your mind, but it’s still something to be aware of, for a few different reasons. You want to make sure you get the quality of a stay that you paid for, and then there are also safety and security concerns.

So, the next time you check in to your vacation home base, think about checking the windows, trying the door and window locks, looking at the roof, finding any water faucet leaks, and looking for loose electrical outlets or frayed cords of any kind.

Check the Windows

In terms of comfort, you want as much control as possible over things like water getting in, or even drafts blowing through your place. So, upon arrival, check for damaged windows right away. Go through all of them and do a quick up-and-down check to see if they seal, and you can also do a quick inspection regarding having dirt or smudges on areas where you want to have a high-class view outside.

Door LockTry the Door and Window Locks

And when it comes to security, the door and window locks are going to be what you want to check. Just make sure that all of your keys work, and that latches fit down firmly. You might even notice troubles in some places where windows might be painted shut, and that’s something that you should be aware of, as well as telling the owner that condition is in place.

Look At the Roof

You definitely don’t want a leaky roof during your vacation either! So always do a quick inspection to see if anything is obviously in disrepair. Look for moss, mold, and moisture up there as well, as that could be an indication that some type of water is pooling or leaking for any one of a number of different reasons.

faucetFind Any Water Faucet Leaks

Leaky water faucets are another thing to check for. Very few things are as annoying as the sound of a dripping faucet, and that’s just another one of those indicators that something else might be a problem with the place that you’re staying. Inform the owner ASAP, and do what you can to check the seal around the faucet for your own benefit.

Look For Loose Electrical Outlets or Cords

And finally, if you have any kind of electronics, you don’t want to plug into a socket that’s loose in the wall. You can trip circuit breakers, burn out cell phones or other electronic equipment, and then there’s even the possibility of a fire hazard with loose wires around.


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