4 Rad Places to Take Your Timbersled this Winter

Timber sled

Winter is in full swing now, the mountains have a beautiful fresh sheet of snow every couple days and you are ready to get out there on some snow-cations. Maybe you’re into extreme winter sports, like snowboarding or skiing, or maybe you prefer something with a little more excitement. Nothing beats the thrill of speeding through a trail on a fresh layer of snow in your timbersled.

  1. Colorado, United States

Colorado residents are ready for the snow when it hits around this time of year, and they love their snow trails. Whether you want to take out your snow bike or get your snowmobiling on, you are sure to find some of the best trails. The North Fork Trail in the Salida area has 7 miles of snow trails that are fun for even the most experienced riders.

  1. The Swiss Alps

If you’re looking for a great view, the Swiss Alps are definitely where you need to take your next outdoor snow adventure. They have trails for snowmobiling and riding snow bikes that reach up to 2,300 meters with amazing views that will make great panoramic shots at the top of a mountain.Snowy mountain

  1. West Yellowstone, Montana, United States

West Yellowstone has amazing scenery and exhilarating snowmobile trails where you can ride your timbersled. There are plenty of places in the area to rent snowmobiles and snow bikes too. With snow 3-4 months out of the year, they are ready for anyone to come check out the awesome trails there.

  1. Ontario, Canada

With more than 30,000 km of interconnected trails, Ontario is the place to get the ride of your life. You can check out these rad trails and plan your trip at OntarioTravel.net.


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