3 Tips For Spending All Day At A Theme Park or Amusement Park


Whether you’ve got little ones in tow or you’re just with a group of friends, nothing beats summer fun like spending the day at your favorite theme park or amusement park. The energy in the air along with the thrill from the rides and the smell of the fried and salty foods is enough to make anyone start to reminisce about the good ol’ days. But for those who aren’t kids anymore, spending an entire day walking and standing can be very hard on your body. So to help you enjoy your day at the amusement park to the fullest extent, here are three tips you may want to try the next time you have a day trip planned to a theme park.

Dress In Layers

In the summer, you can almost guarantee that the daytime at an amusement park is going to be hot. But in most locales, in the morning hours and once the sun goes down, the temperatures can drop quite a bit. So to be best prepared for this, dressing in layers is going to be your best bet. Wear a sweatshirt over your t-shirt so you can get some air when it’s hot and cover up when it gets cool. If the park you’re visiting has water attractions, you may also want to put on your bathing suit underneath your clothes to help you dry off quickly and avoid walking around it soaked clothing.

rollercoasterWear Sensible Shoes

Walking and standing from sun up to sun down can be really painful for your feet and legs. The weight, pressure and stress put on your joints and muscles can be felt even a few days after you’ve left the park. One way to keep this pain to a minimum is to take good care of your feet. Wearing sensible shoes is a good place to start. But according to ShoesNFeet.com, wearing insoles and choosing the right socks also can have a big impact on your comfort. Look for socks that wick away moisture and produce the least amount of friction to avoid getting blisters or sore spots.

Pack Smart Snacks

Many theme and amusement parks charge quite a bit to eat on location. If you’re trying to save some money while still enjoying yourself, you may want to pack your own food to take into the park or leave in the car to consume at regular intervals. When packing snacks, Cynthia Landrie of FeedingBig.com recommends steering away from snacks with a lot of salt and sugar and instead picking snacks with a decent amount of protein. By making these wise snack choices, you’ll be sure to have the energy you need to enjoy your entire day at the park.

With a little preparation, anyone can ensure they have a great time spending the day at their favorite amusement or theme park. Use the tips mentioned above to make sure you’re ready for your next big adventure, too.



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