3 Places to Travel Before Settling Down


Choosing a home can be one of the most difficult decisions you ever face. The number of elements at play in this decision can wreak havoc on even the most decisive. You are not only facing your personal multitude of desires, but you also have to consider those of your loved one and future children. Where do you want to raise your family? Before you choose a place to settle down, you should first take a couple of trips with your significant other.

Travel Home

The first step you should take when deciding where to live long-term is by traveling home. You and your spouse will need to determine how close you want to be to your family and loved ones as you embark on the journey of homelife and child-rearing. There are many reasons to desire the support of your parents and family when you have children and the decision to have distance should not be taken lightly.

Several considerations should be made about your hometown before you leap to a conclusion to move back. Were you happy being raised there? How is the real estate market? Are there jobs available for you and your spouse? Compiling a pros and cons list can be hugely influential in helping you decide whether or not to buy.

bed and breakfastYour Dream Vacation Destination

Another option for a permanent living situation may be where you have always dreamed of visiting. Perhaps a bed and breakfast on the beach is your idea of the perfect home? Or perhaps you have always dreamed of a ski vacation in the alps? Taking the time to visit your dream vacation spots can help you establish your idea of the perfect home location.

Visiting a dream destination could plant a seed that causes you to desire a permanent vacation lifestyle. Options for island-living could include hospitality related industries as well as any online occupations. Countless Americans have given up the 9-5 grind and retired to island time, why not make the move a little sooner?

Visit Promising Occupation Areas

Have you ever applied for a job online? Thought to yourself, I’m sure I will love [insert city name here]? Just like applying to college, finding a job in a location you don’t know, and may not love, is a dangerous game. Countless graduates have applied to colleges with great programs, until they got there and couldn’t make it through freshman year because of the heat, wind, or cold.

If you are considering purchasing a home in an unfamiliar area just because work is readily available, take a trip first. You may find traffic impossible, locals rude or you just might not love it. Where you settle down should be a place you feel confident making memories with your loved ones for many years to come.



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