3 Of the Best “What If” Tips When Traveling

Tips for traveling

Surprisingly, traveling is not everyone’s forte, but at some point, almost all of us have a reason to travel. Whether you are taking friends or family, there will always be situations that catch you by surprise.

Vehicles break down, plans get changed at the last moment, and if you are unprepared, it could mean disaster. Below are three things you should always have with you on any trip and how they could come in handy. Just in case.

Bring Snacks

You have decided to take the family to Walt Disney World. They have worn you out riding every ride they can manage to get through the line on. It’s hot, everyone is sweating off pounds they don’t have to spare, and the youngest among you are getting cranky because they are hungry. However, your food budget for the day is already spent.

This is when a lunch bag for each child full of snacks would be a great backup to have. Simply allow each child to pick out a few healthy snacks they personally enjoy and place them in their own individual lunch bag. Some suggestions you can give your kiddos to choose from would be things like carrot or celery sticks, cheese crackers, raisins, and nuts (assuming they are not allergic to them.)

Extra Clothes

You and your spouse have decided to take that long walk on the beach. It starts out to be a beautiful night out. You can smell the salt in the breeze that relieves the humid attack of the summer heat. The stars are out and the moon is bright. At least for a while.

As the clouds move in and the waves get choppy, you realize that you’re simply not going to make it back to the car in time to escape the oncoming rain. So, instead of running for cover, you and your love decide to enjoy the crystal drops and play recklessly in the water and sand making a wonderful new memory.

It’s a great thing to seize the moment, but make sure you have extra clothes when you do. Not every place has access to washers and dryers. Business meetings, trips to Grandma’s, and painting the town red in a new city could all be saved just by bringing extra clothes.

Bring extra cashSpare Cash

It’s a girls trip to the Smokies and a night on the strip shopping ‘till you drop is what’s on the schedule. Each of you starts the night with cash budgeted just for this part of your trip. Later on in the evening, you and your girlfriends decide to split up and cover more ground quicker. A couple of you want to check out the candy stores and the others are in the mood for some putt-putt.

So off you go, but along the way, the couple on the way to the candy store gets robbed. All your money and your belongings are gone in one fell swoop. After you have made your report to the police, unless you have brought extra cash, your trip is over.

It’s important when considering how much money you will need for your vacation to make preparations for situations like this. Though they are not a regular event, they are still possible. It is also quite possible to lose your wallet, need your vehicle to be towed, or to get sick while you are away. A little extra cash never hurt any travel budget.

Travelling, no matter what the reason, usually offers a certain sense of rest and relaxation. Make sure to carry the extra preparation above and keep the relax in relaxation.


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