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Five Options For Places To Stay On Vacation

Vacation Ideas

When you go on a vacation, where you stay can greatly depend on where you are going, what you are doing while you are there, and how long you are staying. If you are going on a work vacation that

5 Travel Destinations for You And Your Pets

Vacation with pets

People love their pets. And people love to travel. You see the problem? It can get very pricey, very fast, to board ol’ Fido in a kennel for a week, while you and the family go on that trip to

Travel and Tourism Tips for Texas


When you think of some of the most popular tourist and travel destinations in the United States, there are a few states that come to mind right away. Florida, California, and Hawaii all have the beaches, the ocean, the typical

Berlin-A city graced with extreme fun


Characterized by super clubs, a wide range of adult entertainment, cheap beer and spectacular sightseeing, I was not surprised when Berlin overtook London to attain the title of the most interesting city on the Planet. This is a great vacation

6 Best Places to Travel in Asia


For many years, people have become obsessed with traveling in the Orient. From exotic spices to oriental rugs, Asia houses a plethora of taste and beauty. You may have long desired to visit the Asian continent but find yourself overwhelmed